Sleepy, do a little dreaming
Dream up symphonies 
See your mental engineering

I             am gonna wander out there
Out        to where the wild things are
Fight      no I mean conquer my fears 
Light      the way like dying stars

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If someone tells you to listen to a song, listen to it.  It may be the worst song you have ever heard but they wanted to share it with you.  That is really special.  If it makes them feel a certain way and they are so adamant about you hearing it, take 5 minutes to hear it.  It shows a lot about someone.  

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i have no interest in small talk tell me about ur childhood and what ur parents are like and how many siblings u have and if u are afraid of death or if u believe in an afterlife and what ur favorite movie is and if u like romantic comedies or horror movies or action movies and what kind of music u like and why and tell me the bands or artists u loved in middle school but are too ashamed to admit to anyone else

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My advice, to any human being that knows how, is to write.

Write about anything and everything

Write about things that interest you

Write about questions you have

Write down your speculations

Write about events in your life, both good and bad.

Write down how you feel

Write down your ideas, no matter how ridiculous or impractical

Write down your opinions, and then try to write about them from another perspective
Write down your dreams and ambitions

Write nursery rhymes

Write lyrics

Write compliments
Write insults
Write absolute nonsense
Write everything that pops into your head

Keep all of your writing safe and (somewhat) organized

This way you can never forget who you are, no matter how much things change or how far you go

Your writing becomes your anchor to yourself

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"and I still get to talk to you every now and then
definition of “over” doesn’t have to be the end
it’s good to see you grow girl, shake my hand
that’s all I want from my ex-lover and my best friend

I got your back
don’t ever fucking question that
I got your back
always have
I still got your back”

(Source: sunshine-on-a-dime)

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